Our Story

The Foundation Toolkit is the first-ever cloud-based CPU customization application built with the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) SDK. It is currently in a proof-of-concept stage as we are gathering additional resources to bring a fully commercial product to market. Feel free to check out our Jobs page if you want to help out!
It is the result of a collaboration between Matthias Zronek (BenchMate) and Pieter-Jan Plaisier (SkatterBencher), two long-time PC DIY enthusiasts with multiple decades of CPU tuning and overclocking experience between them.

Foundation Goals

The goal of the Foundation Toolkit project was three-fold:
  1. Build a functional application based on the Intel® XTU SDK.
  2. Deliver a functional proof of concept of a cloud-based CPU customization software.
  3. Bring the technology to market as a commercially viable software application.
We achieved our first two goals so far and look forward to working on achieving our final goal.

Why Foundation?

The Foundation Toolkit is named after the Isaac Asimov sci-fi Foundation universe. While Pieter is an avid fan of the book series first published in 1942, Matthias became a fan after watching the Apple TV+ television series.
When we asked ChatGPT why we felt it made sense to name our CPU customization software after the Foundation series, it came up with a compelling reasoning.
In the end, Foundation is not just a tool but it symbolizes the determination of a connected community to overcome challenges and shape a destiny that transcends the limits of technology.
All jokes aside, the Foundation Toolkit is still primarily a tool. And we look forward to bringing that tool to market in the coming months.