Foundation Toolkit is a next-generation cloud-based CPU silicon customization software designed by the creators of Benchmate and SkatterBencher. The CPU customization toolkit leverages the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) SDK to provide users with precise CPU performance tuning. Thus, Foundation is tailored for Intel CPU users.
Stay tuned as we work towards a full commercial release, ushering in a new era of CPU optimization and performance enhancement.

Foundation Tuning

Processor Core performance tuning is often at the center of the overclocker’s intentions. This performance vector is responsible for core processing functionality of the platform. It can speed up such functionality as encoding, decoding, artificial intelligence, and raw compute power.
Below you can find a selection of the most important overclocking knobs to tune your Intel® processor. If you need any additional information on what the knobs do, you can check out the SkatterBencher user guide (article, video).

Foundation System Status

Your processor P-cores currently run at - MHz with -.--- V. The E-cores run at - MHz at -.--- V.
The CPU load is -%, resulting in a - W power consumption.
You can achieve higher frequencies by using the overclocking knobs on the left hand side.

Monitoring Data

Below you can track your processor P-core and E-core maximum frequency and temperature.

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Types: P-core Frequency, E-core Frequency, P-core Temperature, E-core Temperature


Supermassive SSE2+

  • Load: -%
  • Frequency: - MHz
  • Voltage: -.--- V
  • Temperature: - °C
  • Load: -%
  • Frequency: - MHz
  • Voltage: -.--- V
  • Temperature: - °C
CPU Power: - W


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