Foundation Toolkit is a next-generation cloud-based CPU silicon customization software designed by the creators of Benchmate and SkatterBencher. The CPU customization toolkit leverages the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU) SDK to provide users with precise CPU performance tuning. Thus, Foundation is tailored for Intel CPU users.
Stay tuned as we work towards a full commercial release, ushering in a new era of CPU optimization and performance enhancement.
The Supermassive workload, developed by Matthias Zronek and based on the work of the Open Source project starless, uses gravitional raytracing to render a black hole according to the General Relativity Theory. The workload makes extensive use of optimized Tensor math to calculate each pixel as fast as possible while utilizing all CPU cores.
There are four variants of the Supermassive workload embedded in the Foundation Toolkit:
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